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Premium Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

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About this product

The CHARD Premium Vacuum Sealer puts you in charge when it comes to preserving your favorite foods. Multiple push button functions give you the choice to preserve your harvest exactly the way you like, which is great when vacuum sealing a wide variety of food items. The Dry/Moist function allows you to choose between different food types and Pulse Mode lets you control the pressure when it comes to sealing delicate food items. The Hose Port allows for the use of additional accessories which can be used with the Marinate or Canister settings. The upper heating element is Teflon-coated to help eliminate overheating which ensures consistent break-proof airtight seals. The lower sealing strip and gaskets are removable for quick and easy clean up. You will always have a bag within reach with the convenient roll storage compartment and the built-in bag cutter enables you to create specific sized bags. The color and stainless steel finish is a classic combination which will accent any kitchen counter perfectly and the compact design gives you the room needed to prepare and preserve your best-loved meals. The CHARD Premium Vacuum Sealer also includes samples of both 8” and 11” CHARD Vacuum Sealer Rolls.


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