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Jerky Drying Rack

  • JDR 1 1 850X500
  • JDR 1 2 850X500
  • JDR 1 3 850X500
  • JDR 1 4 850X500

About this product

CHARD Jerky Drying Rack is the perfect accessory for making homemade jerky in the kitchen. This drying rack is for use with the CHARD Jerky Rack and Pan to dry jerky in your oven. This large mesh rack can hold up to 1 lb. of jerky and improves air flow to speed up the drying cycle. Racks are hand wash and dry only. The CHARD Jerky Drying Racks are oven safe and can be stacked 4 high for additional drying space for larger dehydrating jobs. 


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