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Jerky Drying Rack & Pan

  • JRP 1813 1 850X500
  • JRP 1813 2 850x500
  • JRP 1813 3 850x500
  • JRP 1813 4 850X500

About this product

The CHARD Jerky Drying Rack and Pan makes it easy to dry jerky in your oven. The large mesh rack improves air flow to speed up the drying cycle and can hold up to 1lb of jerky. The aluminum pan catches any unwanted drippings and keeps the oven clean. Racks are hand wash and dry only. The CHARD Jerky Drying Rack and Pan is oven safe and additional racks can be stacked up to 4 high for extra drying space. (Sold separately)

SKU: JRP-1813

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