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Bag Taping Machine

  • BTM 1 1 850X500
  • BTM 1 2 850X500
  • BTM 1 3 850X500
  • BTM 1 4 850X500

About this product

The CHARD Bag Taping Machine is ideal for securely sealing in the flavor and keeping air out of your freshly ground meat. This manual operated tape machine seals and cuts bags in one easy motion and uses less than 2 inches of tape per seal making packaging during the final grind effortless. The cutting blade is double-edged and can be rotated or replaced when desired. The durable metal base features slide-proof feet that keep the tape machine securely in place when in use and helps prevent slipping and scratching any surface. This tape machine includes one roll of bag tape that is enough for approx. 1200 seals. Enjoy delicious and convenient family meals when you seal your fresh meats tightly using the CHARD Bag Taping Machine.  (CHARD Bag Tape is sold separately.)


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