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Freezer Paper Cutter

  • PPRCTR 1 850X500
  • PPRCTR 2 850X500
  • PPRCTR 3 850X500
  • PPR CTR 2
  • PPR CTR 1

About this product

The CHARD 15” Freezer Paper Cutter is the perfect tool for helping with your packaging and food preservation needs. You will always have paper within reach with this convenient freezer paper cutter. The heavy-duty steel construction is capable of holding up to a 9” diameter roll of paper and is ideal for quickly dispensing paper when wrapping portions of meat or wild game for storage. Features include a double-sided cutting edge for creating specific sized pieces of paper and rubber feet for protecting surfaces and preventing scratches. The spring-loaded cutting edge locks into place when open making roll replacement quick and effortless. The CHARD Freezer Paper Cutter helps contribute to effective storage protection when used with CHARD Freezer Paper and Freezer Tape. (Sold separately)


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