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Hog Ring Pliers

  • PLRS 1 850X500
  • PLRS 2 850X500
  • PLRS 3 850X500
  • PLRS 4 850X500

About this product

CHARD Hog Ring Pliers are the perfect meat processing tool for securely sealing casings and meat bags. These commercial quality pliers were designed to hold and close hog rings. Features include a spring-loaded automatic ring feeder that holds 50 rings in place. Handle grips are coated with soft rubber to provide comfortable one-hand operation when dispensing rings. These pliers are constructed of high grade components to ensure reliability and years of use. Each pair of pliers comes with 100 hog rings that are 16-gauge in size. CHARD Hog Ring Pliers are ideal for quickly closing sausage casings and meat bags with ease. Additional Hog Rings sold separately.


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