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5 lb. Horizontal Sausage Stuffer

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About this product

The CHARD 5 lb. Sausage Stuffer is ideal for making home-made sausage links. Perfect for making summer sausage, Italian sausage, and bratwurst. The "wide mouth" design allows for large amounts of meat to be pushed through the slightly tapered tube. The smooth lever action multiplies force to make sausage stuffing easy. The bolt down style body secures to a table or counter top which keeps the stuffer in place while operating. This easy-to-use tin-coated, cast iron stuffer will provide years of dependable service. The front collar and pushing handle disassemble for quick and easy cleanup. Includes three various sized stainless steel stuffing tubes, 1 1/4˝, 3/4˝, 1/2˝ diameter, 7 3/4˝ (L).


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