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Butane Canister

  • BCC220 1 850X500
  • BCC220 2 850X500
  • BCC220 3 850X500
  • BCC220 4 850X500
  • BCC220 5 850x500

About this product

The CHARD Butane Gas Canister is the perfect companion for your outdoor camping stove. Safe and portable, this butane canister provides the flame and heat that help your foods reach the proper temperatures. This canister is UL listed and features a notched collar ensuring easy alignment when connecting to a stove. The canister automatically reseals when removed from an appliance. The CHARD Butane Gas Canister is explosion proof and contains 8 ounces or 227 grams of high performance gas mix for adjustable and dependable on-the-go cooking. For Use with CHARD Single Burner Butane Stove, Model SBBCS85 (Sold Separately) Ideal for portable gas appliances like camping stoves and outdoor lamps.


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