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4 Tray Dehydrator and Jerky Gun

  • DD 45JC 1
  • DD 45JC 2
  • DD 45JC 3
  • DD 45JC 4
  • DD 45JC 5
  • DD 45JC 6
  • DD 45JC 7

About this product

The CHARD 4 Tray Dehydrator and Jerky Gun Combo equips you to dehydrate your own jerky, fruit, or herbs. This dehydrator offers a unique feature of inner adjustable trays that can be removed to allow for yogurt making or accommodating larger items. The adjustable temperature control dial lets you lock in on the proper heat for whatever you’re preparing – low heat for fruits and herbs and higher heat for meats. The jerky gun is used to form quick jerky into strips and nests inside the dehydrator when not in use. Other features include an illuminated on/off switch and an area for power cord storage.


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