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Stainless Steel 8 Tray Dehydrator

  • DD SS8T 1 850x500
  • DD SS8T 2 850x500
  • DD SS8T 3 850x500
  • DD SS8T 4 850x500
  • DD SS8T 5 850x500
  • DD SS8T 6 850x500
  • DD SS8T 7 850x500
  • DD SS8T 8 850x500
  • DD SS8T 9 850x500
  • DD SS8T 10 850x500

About this product

The CHARD 8 Tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator puts you in charge when it comes to preserving your favorite meats, vegetables, herbs, and fruits. The easy-to-use LED digital display lets you choose the proper time and temperature for whatever you’re preparing, perfect for a wide range of foods. Preserve your harvested meats by making delicious jerky this hunting season. Homemade jerky is the perfect snack to take along on any outdoor adventure. Eight stainless steel mesh trays provide more than 1300 square inches of drying space. The large, centrally located fan blows evenly heated air in all directions, eliminating the need for tray rotation. The clear, tempered glass door provides easy viewing and the magnetic closure ensures proper heat retention. Includes a non-stick drip sheet that catches dripping liquid for easy cleanup. Preserve your hunt or harvest with the CHARD 8 Tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator.


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