Freezer Paper


Product Features

  • Moisture resistant poly-coated paper protects your meats against freezer burn
  • Color: White  - Width: 15 Inches / Length: 450 Feet / Diameter: 6 Inches
  • Wrapping instructions included
  • FDA and USDA approved
  • Fits the CHARD Paper cutter, Model: PPR-CTR (Sold separately)
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About this product

CHARD Freezer Paper is the perfect tool when it comes to safeguarding your meats against freezer burn during storage. Strong and reliable, this professional quality paper is ideal for sealing moisture in and keeping air out. This freezer paper is poly-coated and moisture resistant on one side which helps prevent meat from sticking while freezing or thawing. Designed for multiple uses, this paper helps optimize space and keeps your harvest properly stored. This freezer paper is white in color and is 15 inches wide and 450 feet long in size, one roll is enough wrapping material for multiple jobs. CHARD Freezer Paper is easy to use and provides effective protection for meat storage. FDA and USDA Approved. Wrapping Instructions are included. Includes plastic End Caps for holding paper roll on the CHARD Paper Cutter / Holder. (Sold separately)

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