8" x 20' Vacuum Sealer Rolls, 2 Pack

SKU: VSRT-0820

Product Features

  • Heavy duty material eliminates freezer burn and dehydration
  • Preserve meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and herbs
  • Locks in flavor, freshness and nutritional value
  • Keep refrigerated and frozen foods fresh up to 5 times longer
  • BPA Free

About this product

CHARD Vacuum Sealer Rolls are the perfect tool when it comes to preserving and packaging your favorite foods. Storing foods that are in season will save you time and money with delicious meals later. Whether you are sealing dehydrated jerky from your last hunting trip or preparing garden vegetables for long-term storage, CHARD Vacuum Sealer Rolls provide great results by drawing air out quickly and locking in flavor and nutrition.  Prolong the life of your favorite foods and snacks by eliminating freezer burn and wasted food with these vacuum sealer rolls that can be cut and trimmed to make specific sized bags. Made from heavy duty, BPA free material. Available in various sizes, lengths and quantities. CHARD Vacuum Sealer Rolls are universal and work with all brands of vacuum sealers.

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