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Get to know your product and you will achieve the desired results.

Within this section, you can find extensive product information including warranty specifics and operation manuals that provide assembly instructions, safety guidelines, component lists for replacement parts, helpful tips for cleaning, storage and much more. Keeping your favorite products properly stored, cleaned, and maintained will save you time and money and make your DIY meals that much more rewarding. Feeling comfortable and safe while using your CHARD products mean you will enjoy the experience, and, after all, having fun is one of the best reasons for preparing meals for yourself and your family. 

Manuals and PDFs

We are committed to your safety and continued enjoyment of all our CHARD products. This section includes product manuals that provide assembly instructions, safety guidelines, tips for cleaning, and other important information. Manuals can be downloaded as needed.



CHARD offers the finest products and customer service available. We stand behind all our products. If it doesn’t work like we promised, we will make it right. This section includes warranty specifics and customer service contact information.

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