1 Ounce Injector


Product Features

  • 1-oz capacity with measurement marking in ounces on side of barrel
  • Food-grade plastic and stainless steel construction
  • Designed to puncture with ease and evenly distribute liquid
    brines and marinades
  • Reusable and disassembles quickly for effortless cleaning
  • For infusing great-tasting flavor into meats and poultry in minutes
ChickenTacos 2

About this product

The CHARD 1 Ounce Injector makes it easy to inject your favorite marinades for delicious flavorful meat. Marinate all types of meat in minutes by simply injecting 1 oz. of your favorite marinade with this simple-to-use injector. Easy to clean and reusable. The CHARD 1 Ounce Injector is the perfect tool for adding flavor to your favorite meats.

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